The Positives of Hiring a Wedding Planner


This is a happy time between you and your fiance, a time meant to be spent on planning for your upcoming future together.  But let me ask, is wedding planning overshadowing your enjoyment? Many brides-to-be are immediately bombarded with timelines and to-do lists, taking away quality time and on pre-wedded bliss. Whether time is of the essence, vendor and venue availability is slim or fine-tuning needs more eyeballs; important factors arise that lead brides to consider a wedding planner to ease the process. With that, let’s highlight the positives of hiring a wedding planner to assist, perfect and guide a bride and groom through the process. After all, this is your happily ever after. 

POSITIVE #1: To Support, Guide & Listen
A wedding planner seeks to support, guide and most of all, listen to the newly engaged couples needs and desires. Daily routines, events and holidays may already impact one’s schedule. Therefore, my job in helping a bride is to exert energy, time and hard work into researching, finding and sorting thru the many to-do’s, while being a shoulder to lean on, vent to and support along the way.

POSITIVE #2: To Research
One of the 
biggest pain points for brides happens to be less of the vision and more of the research in finding the right vendors, decoration, and resources to streamline the ideas and concepts she and her fiance have in mind. A wedding planner has networks of experienced vendors and the time, dedicated to finding the right vendors to suit your needs. The best part? Your planner will assist in contacting and coordinating phone calls & upcoming meetings to ensure each vendor fits your vision.


POSITIVE #3: To Organize
There are lots of responsibilities during the 
wedding process. From venue appointments to dress fittings, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners, guest lists, seating charts & beyond! Thus, it is easy to become overwhelmed in the sea of planning. A wedding planner’s priority is to keep every detail in order; providing printable timelines and checklists, scheduling appointments, and communicating with vendors. You can hire a planner at different levels of the wedding process to help with various stages.

POSITIVE # 4: Monitoring
From budget to schedules, overseeing the wedding “production”, is one of the 
top reasons to hire a planner. Think of your wedding planner as your time tracker, ensuring the process is done efficiently and effectively. Although a personal choice, allowing a wedding planner to review budget can save you money. Not to mention, a planner during the day of your wedding, is extremely important in ensuring all vendors arrive on time with direction (in line with the bride’s vision, of course!)

POSITIVE # 5: To Keep the Bride Calm
A wedding planner’s goal: To keep the bride calm, so she can carry on.  A bride, like yourself, is eager, anxious and excited for the 
wedding of her dreams. Therefore, a wedding planner will strive to make your special day as stress-free as possible, taking the legwork to ensure the days leading up to the event and the day of your wedding, run as smoothly as possible. Your job? Smile, embrace & RELAX.  

POSITIVE # 6: Your Day-of Assistant
The wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Not just because of the ceremony and reception, but all of the moments that comprise of all its glory. A wedding planner believes wholeheartedly in alleviating distractions and roadblocks that may cause a bride to lose focus of the memories and enjoyment at hand. Therefore, a wedding planner, like myself, steps in to ensure the day is drama, budget and worry-free. The goal is simply to provide the bride & groom with ease, so the happy pair enjoys a flawless, spectacular event with memorable experiences to last a lifetime.

By hiring a professional planner, you may find that you not only had an amazing journey & a successful event, but you have also gained a friend after! 

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