She becomes a true friend that is there to listen and help...


Every time we met for a consultation it was refreshingly fun,
and I felt so much better afterwards!


- Kelly Daley


Bridgette & Jared Borzillo

We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work you’ve put into our wedding day to make it run smoothly & take stress off of the bride. 
It’s been such a great experience working with a friend & being able to grow in that friendship during the process.  You’re so talented in what you do, & I know you’ll have a very successful business in this industry! You’re amazing, & we love you!

Kimmie & Rob Fredericks

Until I became the bride-to-be I hadn't put much thought into having a wedding coordinator. Luckily a friend of mine could see what stress I was about to be under and offered to get Selina in contact with me.
I'm so glad she did! My fiance and I still wanted to be the "wedding planners" but I needed help bringing it all to that big day. My fiance ended up being deployed for more than half of the time we were engaged and having Selina to call on was a great stress reliever.
I detest making phone calls and asking a million questions so Selina offered to do "the grunt work" for me. She listened to my ideas, took impeccable notes whenever I was unprepared for a meeting, and really understood what I wanted.
She presented things to me in a way that was not overwhelming, which allowed me to feel comfortable about decisions I was making. Her contacts and suggestions of vendors were great and freed up time for other things. She became a point of contact for my mom and sister as well when I asked for their help with specific things. My biggest worry was how everything was going to come together the day of the wedding if I wasn't there to do it. Selina squashed that fear!

When I showed up at the venue I was in awe of everything. It all looked better than I had imagined it.

She helped me pull all of my dreams and visions together and it looked perfect! Selina and I had a wonderful time together for those 8ish months. I am so grateful for everything she did and the friendship we have today.

Tiffany & Dustin Sergent

My husband and I can’t thank Selina enough for making our wedding experience so perfect. Throughout the entire process Selina was there planning consultations, organizing ideas, making checklists, keeping track of deadlines, as well as relieving any stress we had. 
Her professionalism and demeanor made everything so effortless and smooth. I highly recommend Selina Rose as your Wedding Planner. She will give you your upmost attention and make your dream wedding come true! Thank you for our memorable day!


Angela & John Hicks

Thank you so much for all that you have done.  We adore you & everything you have done has taken stress from us.  We can’t thank you enough


Kelly & Ryan Daley

Selina was my savior right from the beginning!  When I started planning my wedding I was under the impression (the wrong impression) that I would be able to manage everything myself.  
I had produced sketches, and excel files.  I had started searching out vendors and wheeling and dealing, etc.  At that time it wasn't too hard, I felt like I had lots of time, and a solid grasp on what I wanted.  Things were just about to get out of control.  Selina came at the exact right time because I was starting to spiral into a pit of confusion.  
Planning a wedding is a very serious task, it really doesn't matter if you are doing something simple with a few people or doing something massive with tons of people, either way it really is a lot of work.  
Every wedding is different of course, but the underlying issues that pop up are the same, and it really helps to have someone that can foresee some of those things coming and keep calm when things get tough.  I don't know what I would have done without an experienced, sensitive, sweet and organized wedding coordinator that was Selina.  
It was the unforeseen things that Selina was able to help me with; creating timelines for each of the people in the wedding, correspondence between very difficult vendors, and overall being a super supportive friend throughout the whole process.  She is the perfect person for the job because of her huge heart!  She becomes a true friend that is there to listen and help, kind of like a maid of honor, but at a professional level. 
Whereas the maid of honor might be a great friend, not everyone knows how to do the coordination part.  Selina was incredibly professional with my husband and I, my family, and everyone involved in the process.  She really HEARD what I wanted, never challenged my vision, only embraced it and made it better.  I really challenged her with some tough timelines, aggressive vendors and big DIY projects.  She was called to manage a lot of people at the wedding and did it with unbelievable charm.  

Every single person who came in contact with Selina told me later they just loved her so much they wanted to give her a hug.

She made everyone feel respected and cared about.  Especially me!  I was a very picky bride, with big ideas and "high maintenance" expectations.  Selina and I worked together for months on rental agreements, and negotiations with caterers, but we had so much fun in the process!  
Every time we met for a consultation it was fun and refreshing, and I felt so much better afterwards!  She worked so hard getting everything prepared, and when the big day came she really poured out her heart.  
I could not believe the extra effort she put in; there was so much attention to detail.  My husband and I are still getting recognition from our wedding guests.  
Our family and friends made deep connections that night, it wasn't just memorable for us, it was memorable for them, and we all felt closer afterwards.  
Selina was there with me through it all, she took over when it was time for me to "let go and just be a bride", she had so much tact in dealing with guests, and vendors, and she made everything beautiful.  It was very touching.  
I'd recommend to anyone that you involve Selina early in the process, the more you let her help the better your life and your wedding will be.


Tasha Dubreuil-Marinier  |  Owner of Beauty Bar

Selina is one of the most organized, caring and sweet coordinators I have ever worked with.  It's a breath of fresh air as a makeup/hairstylist to have a tentative schedule for the bride and her bridal party on the day of the wedding, and she goes out of her way to create one.  Every wedding I have worked with her has run so smooth and the brides always rave about how thorough she is.  Her vision is spot on, and it is obvious her work is her passion!!! 
Thank you                                                                                                                             


Cricket Estrada

Kimmie and Rob’s wedding was such a wonderful wedding.  Thank you to Selina Rose.  I really enjoyed working next to you capturing the day on motion film.


Gary D. Hegel Jr

Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with you.  I know I said it before, but I was very impressed with your preparation and execution of everything.  I will recommend you to anyone that is looking for a coordinator!  Great meeting you and take care.


Gabriela De Icaza  |  Director of Catering  |  Bandy Canyon

You were amazing to work with and very organized!
I will definitely be recommending you to our clients!


Sue Armstrong  |  Events & Education  |  Bates Nut Farm

It was so nice to work with you! We have lots of wedding planners, but none can hold a candle to you! I think Kimmie & Rob’s wedding was my favorite of the year!  I loved it all!